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We hope the iPhone 8 is as sleek as these renders show

A new handful of purportedly leaked images show off an iPhone with razor-thin bezels and an OLED display.


This isn't the real iPhone 8, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it were.

Instead, the images here are part of a set of iPhone 8 renders that recently appeared from OnLeaks, a prolific mobile tipster, in conjunction with GearIndia. They're supposedly based off of Apple's computer-aided design (CAD) images. Even though this doesn't guarantee that they will resemble the actual phone later this year, they give us an idea of what we could maybe expect based off of rumors.

The first thing that pops out at me is the razor-thin treatment of the iPhone 8's rumored edge-to-edge OLED display we've been hearing so much about. The render shows only a small bezel at the top of the phone where the earpiece and selfie camera may live. On the back we see the vertically stacked dual cameras that were mentioned in previous rumors, but no rear Touch ID sensor for your fingerprints (thank goodness).

GearIndia notes that the rendered image is based on measurements of 143.5 by 70.9 by 7.7 mm. But if Apple is testing out a bunch of different iPhone 8 prototypes, the dimensions could come out a little different in the end.

Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone 8 will continue to be the subject of heavy speculation until its launch, which we think will happen in September, based on previous iPhone launches. It's Apple's hallmark product, and one of the best selling phones in the world. The iPhone 8 also represents the company's chance to bring innovations to a category that it revolutionized a decade ago.

Rumor has it, however, that Apple's ambitious hardware and design upgrades could result in a delayed launch or even a supply shortage. Not good news for all the people waiting to buy the next iPhone.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.