Apple iOS update targets that old iPhone you've got lying around

The update prevents a GPS issue impacting some older devices.

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If you've still got an iPhone from 2012 or earlier, it needs an update.

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If you're still rocking an iPhone or iPad from 2012 or earlier, Apple's got a software update for you. The company on Monday released iOS updates to address a GPS rollover issue that impacts some older devices.

When the GPS software was created in the 1970s, computers had minimal processing power, so the date was coded in 10 bits. That means there are a limited number of dates a system can show before it runs out of combinations and has to reset. This is exactly what started happening on April 6 of this year, raising the possibility that some systems would interpret 2019 as 1980.

Apple says older Phone and iPad models need to be updated by Nov. 3 to avoid issues with location, date and time. The updated iOS versions, 10.3.4 and 9.3.6 will correspond to iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 respectively. The 10.3.4 upgrade will also include the iPad 4th generation with Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities. Additionally, iOS 9.3.6 will cover an iPad Mini (1st generation), iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and cellular and iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi and cellular. 

Not sure if your devices are updated? You can check by going to Settings and then tapping General. Under General, tap About and check for Software Version. The versions should be those listed above. 

On Monday, Apple had also released iOS 12.4. The updated added enhancements for Apple News Plus and a data migration feature that directly transfers data from an old phone to a new one during setup. 

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