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Apple hikes UK App Store prices by almost 20 per cent

Apple has raised the price of apps in the UK App Store by an average of almost 20 per cent, reflecting changes in exchange rates.

Apple has ramped up the price of apps in its UK App Store by an average of nearly 20 per cent. Thanks, Apple.

The changes have been made worldwide to reflect fluctuations in exchange rates between global currencies and the dollar. The minimum price for an app in the UK has gone from a manageable 59p to a wallet-melting 69p. Alright, so it's not a massive increase, but we don't half like a good old whinge.

The prices in the UK App Store have increased across the board, so even those expensive apps you never buy will beg for even more of your hard-earned cash. Working from Tap!'s handy chart, we calculated that the average increase across the store was 17.5 percent.

This means that Fruit Ninja now costs 69p, as does commuters' choice Angry Birds -- and you won't even get an extra 10p of bird.

It's totally understandable that these prices will fluctuate from time to time, but an increase of almost 20 per cent on UK apps seems steep. We're a touch envious of Switzerland, Australia and Japan, which have all seen App Store prices fall.

The good news, however, is that the totally excellent Crave app from CNET UK is still free. That means you won't have to pay a single penny to read all the latest tech news right on your iPhone. Aren't we lovely?

What do you think about the price increase? Is it a fair move by Apple or a sinister, money-grabbing ploy? Let us know in the comments section below or over on our official Facebook page.