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Apple granted patent for iOS steering-wheel remote

According to a recent patent grant, Apple has been interested in solving an awkward issue faced by many drivers using their iOS devices in their cars.

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Joe Aimonetti

Patently Apple

Discovered by Patently Apple in a group of 21 patents issued to Apple by the Patent and Trademark Office, the in-vehicle remote-control patent describes a product designed for drivers wishing to control their iOS devices more easily.

Currently, drivers must fumble around with their iPhone, iPod, or iPad to change songs, get directions, or make calls if their car's in-dash system doesn't support iOS devices. This lack of integration can cause serious distractions for drivers.

Apple's solution is a small device that would attach to any steering wheel, allowing users to connect to their iOS devices and control basic functions.

As pictured in the patent, the remote would resemble Apple's iconic click wheel, featuring a menu button, forward and back controls, a play/pause button, and a center select button.

The difference in this device is that the faceplate would also be touch-sensitive.

Patently Apple

Other features of the steering-wheel remote would be a universal clamp system mounted to the bottom of the device's base and a rotatable faceplate that would enable users to orient the controls based on where they clamp the remote.

Would you purchase an iPhone and iPad remote for your car's steering wheel? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!