Apple gives red iPhone 8 that, um, sexy '80s nightclub feel

Commentary: To coincide with the release of its special edition red iPhone 8 on Friday, Cupertino releases an ad that oozes allure.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Well, that's a club I think I've been to.

Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Who says charity can't be sexy?

Apple on Friday will release a remarkably bright red iPhone 8 (and an 8 Plus) as part of its annual Product Red program.

Part of the profits go to Global Fund, a charitable organization that funds programs that combat HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. 

On Tuesday, Apple released an ad to coincide with the new phones, but it isn't exactly demure. 

To the pulsating beat of Sofi Tucker's "That It (I'm Crazy)", the ad reeks of the luscious red and black of the phone.

As with seemingly all phone ads at launch, here we have extreme close-up shots of the phone, making it look like a sophisticated machine.

In this case, however, it's something of a sex machine, it seems. 

The music has more than a hint -- to me, at least -- of Right Said Fred's seminal work "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt."

The atmosphere reminds me of an '80s club, where strange people would come over and say extremely odd things to you, while their eyes hovered independently of each other.

I suppose not much has changed over the years.

Of course, the problem for anyone buying this new red phone may be convincing admirers they haven't merely bought an alluring case for their iPhone 8.

Oh, but just think how sexy it will look when you put it down on a bar, turn to the attractive person seated next to you and say: "I'm not totally materialistic, you know. I give to charity."

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