Apple extends iPhone 5's on/off button replacement program

Those of you with a buggy button on your iPhone 5 now have another year to get your phone repaired or replaced.

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Buggy on/off button on your iPhone 5? Apple will fix it for up to another year. CNET

iPhone 5 users who notice that the on/off button -- dubbed the wake/sleep button by Apple -- isn't working right can get it fixed for free until March 2016.

Apple initially announced the replacement program in April 2014. The company had discovered that the button, which is found on the top right edge, would stop working, either permanently or intermittently, on some iPhone 5 models made through March 2013.

The replacement program was rare but not unheard of for Apple, which has taken responsibility for defective products or parts in the past. With the so-called "Antennagate" issue in 2010 in which users complained of buggy reception on the iPhone 4 due to the device's antenna, Apple simply offered free bumper cases to resolve the issue. But other glitches have required greater effort. In 2011, Apple recalled MacBook MagSafe power adapters that were susceptible to splitting. And in 2013, the company recalled flash memory drives on certain models of the MacBook Air.

The replacement option for the iPhone's button was due to expire this month, but Apple decided to extend the offer for another year. So you have until next March if your iPhone 5 comes down this specific ailment.

Apple also extended the deadline for the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program. So if you're not getting much juice from your iPhone 5 on a single charge, you may qualify for a new battery until next March.

Under the terms of the replacement plan, Apple will replace the on/off button for free on any iPhone 5 model with a qualifying serial number. To see if your phone qualifies, just enter its serial number at Apple's iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program page.

The program states that it will replace the button mechanism. But when my old iPhone 5 exhibited this problem early last year, I was able to get a brand new model for free from a local Apple Store.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

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