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Apple event next week could be UK iPhone launch

If you've been patiently waiting for the iPhone to come out in the UK, hold on to your hat -- because it could be as soon as next week

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Yesterday we were invited to an Apple press conference to take place next Tuesday -- and we think it's most likely going to be the UK iPhone launch. Apple, as always, is keeping tight-lipped but there are several clues that point in the iPhone's direction.

For starters, the title of the invite, 'Mum is no longer the word', obviously suggests that a secret is about to be revealed, and unless it's an ultraportable MacBook, odds-on it's the iPhone. We don't think Apple would globally launch a totally new product in little old London.

Secondly, many of the journalists being invited to this gig are mobile phone journalists, which again points in the direction of the iPhone. Finally, this fits in well with Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote speech that put the UK iPhone launch date around this time of year.

If you're as curious as we are, make sure you check back on Crave next week, when we'll update you with information as soon as we get it. Fingers crossed you'll soon be able to walk into an Apple Store and buy yourself an iPhone that works in the UK, without needing to do any fiddly hacks. -Andrew Lim