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Apple discounts replacements for waterlogged iPhones

Apple has changed its replacement policy, making it more affordable to replace a water-damaged iPhone without extending your AT&T contract.

If your iPhone swims with the fishes, Apple will replace it for $199.

We previously reported on complaints of iPhones being damaged by sweaty workouts and the ensuing customer frustration when Apple responded then insisted those customers had to pay full price for replacements and extend their AT&T contracts.

Now Apple retail stores have adopted a new policy allowing them to charge less to replace water-damaged iPhones. We contacted the Apple store located at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. to verify the news. Representatives at the store confirmed that Apple now offers replacement iPhones for $199 (without a contract extension) if the phone has stopped working because of moisture damage.

Customers are issued a refurbished iPhone replacement of the same generation iPhone model that they turn in. If you decide to upgrade from a 2G to 3G iPhone in the process, however, you will need to upgrade your contract to the higher cost 3G data plan. In some cases, customers may receive a new iPhone if there are no refurbished iPhones available.

Is the new policy good news for consumers who enjoy a vigorous sweaty workout? Does it adequately compensate Apple for replacing a product accidentally dropped into a puddle or porcelain throne? Or is $199 still too much to charge for a replacement? Tell us what you think in the comments.