Apple discontinues its iPhone Bluetooth headset

Someone in the MacRumors forum notices that Apple has discontinued its Bluetooth headset. Is it gearing up to offer a new stereo Bluetooth headset? We hope so.


Another day, another tidbit of news about a minor Apple product that most people don't care about.

In this case, it's the company's $100 iPhone Bluetooth headset; a MacRumors forum commenter noticed that Apple's Web site had a "discontinued" notice on the product.

When the headset came out in late 2007, we gave it a fairly positive review (it got 3.5 stars). However, readers weren't as keen on it, rating it at 2.5 stars. Buyers seemed to like the design and build quality but weren't as impressed with performance (sound quality, battery life).

Does this mean that Apple is out of the Bluetooth accessory game? Probably not, because the accessory game is such a good game to be in (as far as margins go). But the big question is whether Apple is getting ready to launch stereo Bluetooth headphones, now that the iPhone and iPod Touch will offer stereo Bluetooth support.

Good stereo Bluetooth headphones are hard to come by, so we'd like to see what Apple can deliver. Anybody else interested? Or are all Apple accessories (with the Apple name on them) overpriced for what you get?

(Source: Gizmodo via MacRumors)