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Apple devices that aren't invited to the iOS 7 party

Though Apple's updated iOS 7 features a sleek, simple design, not all devices will be able to run the new OS.

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At today's WWDC keynote in San Francisco, Apple announced several new features for its updated mobile OS, iOS 7.

As is common with software updates, not every current device will be compatible, however. iOS 7 will be available only for the iPhone 4 and later, the iPad 2 and later, the iPad Mini, and lastly, the fifth generation of the iPod Touch.

Compared to the devices capable of running the last OS version (iOS 6), this leaves out the iPhone 3GS and the fourth-generation iPod Touch.

Furthermore, not all iOS 7 features will work with all of the aforementioned devices. The file-sharing service AirDrop, for example, will work only on the iPhone 5, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, the fourth-generation iPad, and the iPad Mini.

And while users with the iPhone 4 or later, third-generation iPad or later, iPad Mini, or fifth-generation iPod Touch will be able to use filters embedded in the photos app, only those with the iPhone 5 or the fifth-generation iPod Touch will get filter effects directly from the camera.

In general, Apple's iOS 7 will feature a minimalistic and elegant design, with facelifts for native iOS apps and a neat parallax effect for the home screen.

In addition, it will include a new control center, multitasking across all apps, and reactivation blocking in cases of theft. For more information about iOS 7, check out CNET's First Take.

While developers attending WWDC will be able to get their hands on a beta version of iOS 7 for iPhone today (and for the iPad in the coming weeks), the OS' final release for consumers will arrive this fall.

Be sure to read more of CNET's coverage of WWDC 2013 as we cover the event throughout the week.