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Apple contacting iPhone 4S owners about battery life

Apple is contacting iPhone 4S owners to try and find out why the handset's battery life is so poor.

Is your iPhone 4S battery life not up to scratch? If so you're not alone. It seems Apple has recognised the problem, privately at least, and is contacting 4S owners to try and find out why this is, the Guardian reports.

An Apple engineer contacted one owner directly to install a monitoring program to try and find out why their handset had much shorter battery life than expected.

Standby time for the iPhone 4S is said to be 200 hours, compared to 300 for the 4 and 250 for the original iPhone. One owner explained to The Guardian they were seeing a 10 per cent drop in standby every hour.

A senior Apple engineer phoned the owner and asked about their usage, admitting this was an issue and saying they weren't close to finding a solution. The owner followed his steps, emailed him a file and is waiting to hear back.

The 4S uses a more powerful dual-core processor than the iPhone 4, but the same amount of RAM, and a very similar battery. Apple's support boards are going crazy with people sharing their experiences. Some blame corrupted contacts on MobileMe or iCloud, or from Google's Contacts list; others say backing up the phone on their computer and then restoring gives the battery a boost.

Our review didn't find any major problems, and we recommend turning off services you don't need and checking which apps monitor your location in the settings menu, and maybe deleting them.

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