Apple Card just launched its iPhone installment plan: 24 months, 0% interest

This will also give customers 3% cash back on the total cost of the phone.

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The Apple Card lives on your iPhone. 

Sarah Tew, CNET

Starting Tuesday, Apple Card users can buy a new iPhone on a 24-month installment plan and pay no interest. Under the program, each installment gets included in the Apple Card minimum payment, and users can track the remaining balance and payment history in the Wallet app.

The Apple Card, which launched in August, is designed for iPhone users. It has no fees, offers daily cash-back rewards and works with Apple Pay, but it also exists as a physical titanium credit card. Apple CEO Tim Cook  announced the interest-free iPhone plan during an earnings call in October.

Apple said the number of iPhones you can purchase on an installment plan is limited only by your available credit. Apple Card users will also get 3% daily cash back for iPhones purchased with the installment plan online or at Apple stores. 

Those looking to buy an iPhone outright, or a Mac, AirPods, iPad and any other devices and accessories from the Apple Store with Apple Card using Apple Pay will be able to get 6% daily cash back through Dec. 31. The double cash back does not, however, apply for iTunes, iCloud, Apple Care or monthly payments. 

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