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Apple Arcade's Butter Royale is the Fortnite of food fights

Butter incoming!


This story is part of CNET's coverage of Apple Arcade, including exclusive first looks we got at some of the service's high-profile new games.

The newest game to join Apple Arcade's growing catalog is Butter Royale from Mighty Bear Games. Players subscribed to Apple's $4.99 monthly gaming service can check out this new game on Friday. It'll be available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV alongside more than 100 other exclusive games. 

The game is set in the near future, where weapons have been banned globally. In a cafe, a food fight erupted after two patrons began arguing over the last chocolate doughnut. Sensing an opportunity to capitalize on people's tension, mysterious company Butter Co. created a game show called Butter Royale. Contestants are air-dropped onto an island to duke it out with food.  

After upgrading from stale baguettes to Nutritionally Operated Machines, or NOMs, players engage in "culinary combat," and try to outrun floods of butter and get to safe zones in five-minute matches. Butter Royale has offline modes where you can play against bots, or online multiplayer modes. Whether you're playing with up to 32 others solo or in squads, like in Fortnite, the goal is to be the last one standing. 


Players can choose from 52 diverse characters like Gordon Hamsey, Kate Cherry and Sausage Sam -- each with their own back story. 

"We designed Butter Royale to push the envelope on fun and inclusivity. We want everyone in the family to love it and see themselves represented in the game, from young children to grandparents," Simon Davis, CEO of Mighty Bear Games, said in a release.

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Davis also remarked on the game's food fight theme. Instead of traditional weapons, players compete with NOMs, which include the Mayonator, the Gumballer and the Breadzooka. 

"It is also important to us that Butter Royale is a nonviolent shooter, so younger players can safely join in. The food-fight theme was perfect for that," Davis said. 

Butter Royale is aimed at players age 9 and up. The game has no in-game chats, advertisements, loot boxes or in-app purchases. 

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