Apple and AT&T Face Fourth iPhone 3G Lawsuit

Apple and AT&T Face Fourth iPhone 3G Lawsuit

Ben Wilson

The fourth lawsuit against Apple and AT&T over the iPhone 3G has been filed. Like the others before it, this suit alleges that Apple and AT&T are "deceptive, improper or unlawful conduct in design, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, and sale? of the iPhone 3G.

The lawsuit was was filed in the New York Eastern District Court by Jai Sen and is claiming class action status. The complaint itself can be found here.

The complaint details some of what we've seen in the past and a little more, including the following issues surrounding the iPhone 3G: hairline cracks in the iPhone case, 3G power demands affecting battery life, AT&T's struggle to respond to the unusual demands on its infrastructure, and misleading advertising by both parties.

The lawsuit is seeking the usual: restitution, damages, and disclosures and/or disclaimers to be added to packaging and advertisements for the iPhone 3G.

At press time, neither AT&T or Apple were available for comment.