Earbuds or hair dryers? 15 of the snarkiest Apple AirPods tweets

Apple's new wireless AirPods have inspired a barrage of snide Twitter comments.

Today was a big day for Apple and for people who still cling to the tenuous cords of their earphones.

The just-announced iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are ditching the standard headphone jack. Apple is trying to make that omission up to you by debuting AirPods, wireless earbuds with a rather unique-looking design. As expected, Twitter has it hot hands all over making fun of the new gadgets.

The snarky tweets span the gamut from references to movies starring golden retrievers to complaints about the $159 price tag. This creative techie grabbed an electric toothbrush head to model a preview look at the AirPods:

A whole lot of people are worried about losing their fancy and expensive AirPods:

Some Twitter users are trying to make sense out of the design, which features a round bit that fits into your ear and then a long, thin body that hangs down past your earlobes.

Others have noted a striking similarity between the name "AirPods" and the title of the kids' movie series "Air Bud," which features a basketball-playing pooch.

Certain Apple fans are eager to welcome our new AirPods overlords, but some cautious "Doctor Who" watchers are a little worried about mind control. The Whovian EarPods are devices from a parallel universe that can trigger a trance, leaving the victim incapable of independence. Stop laughing, Android fans.

At least one Apple follower couldn't wait to get his hands on some AirPods of his very own, so he took a pair of scissors and modified some existing in-ear headphones. The functionality might be lacking, but they certainly look pretty close to the new design: