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Apple acknowledges iPod touch screen issues in support article, no mention of iPhone

Apple acknowledges iPod touch screen issues in support article, no mention of iPhone

In Knowledge Base article #306651, Apple acknowledges a widely reported issue where the iPod touch screen exhibits the following symptoms (in Apple's words):

  • Dark or black spots
  • Video is very dark and looks like a negative image
  • Dark colors look like film negative
  • Black areas appear oversaturated to the point of being reflective
  • Black areas appear to shimmer
  • Products affected

Apple says the solution is to update to iPod touch software version 1.1.1, which has indeed been reported as a fix for the above issues for many users.

However, Apple makes no mention of the iPhone in the article. As previously reported, some iPhone screens also exhibit a shimmering/negative image in deep black portions of the screen and lack color brightness. You can see an image of the phenomenon in this article,: essentially, afflicted units sometimes display deep blacks with a shimmering quality that make them lighter than it should be ? the deep blacks sometimes appear gray or white. In other words, if you put a deep black square next to a gray square, they might look exactly the same. The units may also exhibit color brightness problems, failing to display detail and presenting an overall darker image.

There is, as of yet, no word on whether Apple plans to address the iPhone-related issues with a software update.

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