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App allows video as wallpaper on the iPhone; how to use

App allows video as wallpaper on the iPhone; how to use

Though it's somewhat buggy and a significant drain on battery, a new unofficial application distributed under the jailbreak umbrella allows users to replace the static wallpaper (background) image on their iPhones with dynamic videos in the .mov format.

In order to use this application, dubbed vWallpaper, use our guide to jailbreak your iPhone and get it ready for unofficial third-party applications. Next, add the software repository to -- as described under "Adding sources" in our guide.

Next you'll need to put some movies on your phone in the appropriate directory. Follow these steps:

Install an SSH client or file transfter utility capable of transferring files via secure copy (scp), like Cyberduck for Mac OS X or WinSCP for Windows.

Determine your iPhone's IP address -- make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, then get its IP address by tapping Settings, then "Wi-Fi," ? tap the arrow next to the name of the Wi-Fi network to which your iPhone and look at the IP Address.

  • Connect to the iPhone in your file transfer utility, using the username root and password alpine
  • If you're using a command-line client (such as the Terminal in Mac OS X Type scp -r
  • Put properly sized movie files (320x480, for the iPhone's screen) in the following directories: /Applications/ and /Library/Skrew/Videos. A modmyifone thread links to some great sample videos.
  • Restart your iPhone, then use vWallpaper to set your wallpaper movie.

Below is a video demonstrating vWallpaper in action. Click here to see it if you're on an iPhone.

Again, this application has some bugs and can cause problems with battery life as well as conflicts with other applications, but it certainly qualifies as a stellar concept.