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​Another Samsung battery fire -- this time at its factory

A Wednesday fire in a Samsung SDI battery plant in China was extinguished with no injuries.

Samsung recalled its dangerous Galaxy Note 7 phones
Samsung recalled its dangerous Galaxy Note 7 phones

Burning batteries have caused more trouble for South Korean tech giant Samsung.

For the last year, the problem has been Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 phone, which suffered fire-prone batteries in its initial run as well as in a round of replacement phones. But on Wednesday, its sister company Samsung SDI was hit by a minor fire involving faulty batteries. The batteries were among waste products that caught fire at a plant in Tianjin, China, according to Reuters, citing Samsung SDI and local fire authorities.

Lithium batteries caused the fire, fire authorities said. It was extinguished with no injuries or disruption to production, Samsung SDI told Reuters.

The Galaxy Note 7 used batteries from two suppliers, Samsung SDI and Amperex, and both suppliers' batteries had problems.

Samsung is rumored to turn to Japanese battery supplier Murata Manufacturing Company to make the batteries in the company's upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship phone. The supplier acquired Sony's battery manufacturing subsidiary last year.

Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI didn't respond to requests for comment.

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