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Another HTC One 2 leak shows new colors for handset sequel

The next version of the HTC One could ship in several colors, including gray, silver, and blue, according to a report.

The original HTC One.
The original HTC One.

The next HTC One is poised for some color changes, according to a new report.

The Twitter account @evleaks, which has been reliably leaking product images for quite some time, has revealed two new versions of the upcoming sequel to the HTC One. The first model comes in a dark gray, while the other features a silver finish. Another Twitter account, @htcfamily_ru, showed off a blue version.

There have even been reports of a gold version of what's been dubbed the HTC One 2.

The next HTC One flagship is widely viewed as an integral component in that company's rebound. And like many other handset makers, including Apple, Nokia, and others, HTC appears to believe that color choices matter greatly to consumers.

For its part, HTC has kept its plans for the next One handset close to the vest. The company will, however, be holding a special event soon that should play host to details on the device.

(Via Android Headlines)