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Another Galaxy Fold screen bites the dust -- literally

A reviewer's phone has a problem with dust getting under the foldable screen, creating issues.


A foreign object has found its way under the foldable screen of a reviewer's Galaxy Fold.

Michael Fisher via Twitter

Samsung's woes with the Galaxy Fold are mounting with news that one of its beleaguered foldable phones being felled by speck of dust.

Michael Fisher, a videographer of mobile tech, tweeted out his disappointment that a tiny, foreign object had found its way into his review unit, disrupting the screen's function. An escalating list of issues has prompted the world's largest phone maker to delay the phone's April 26 release.

"Sigh. A little grain of something found its way beneath my Galaxy Fold display," Fisher tweeted Tuesday afternoon. "Sending this back to Samsung hoping they figure out a way to seal up that hinge."

Fisher said he would post a video demonstrating the issue affecting his unit on Wednesday.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Samsung's woes began last week when four early production review units experienced screen breaks, flickering and, in one case, a bulge. Those screen issues eclipsed other customer worries about long-term wear and tear on the seam or creases where the phone, with its 7.3-inch screen, bends in half.

The incidents with the Fold's plastic screen -- which include a screen bulge and flickering display -- have caused a kerfuffle among onlookers, casting doubt on the durability of Samsung's $2,000 foldable phone and on the concept of bendable devices in general.

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