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Another company says it can break into your iPhone X

This comes just a week after a report that Israel's Cellebrite had found a way to unlock Apple's latest iPhone flagship.

Apple iPhone X
Two companies may have the tools to unlock Apple's newest iPhones. 
Josh Miller/CNET

There may be more than one way to break into your iPhone X

A little-known company called Grayshift has been quietly talking about its ability to unlock Apple's latest phones, including the iPhone X and iPhone 8, according to blog Naked Security. Forbes originally broke the news of the second service. 

This comes a week after Forbes reported that Israeli firm Cellebrite had found a way into the phones running iOS 11.2.6. Cellebrite is reportedly a US government contractor.

Controversy has swirled around the quest to bypass the encryption built into Apple's iPhones. In 2016, the FBI and Apple engaged in a high-profile battle over access to an iPhone 5C that had belonged to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino terrorist incident. The FBI eventually broke into the smartphone with the help of a third party, but did not provide details on how it did so.

Naked Security said that Grayshift is touting a tool called GrayKey, which starts at $15,000. 

Neither Grayshift or Apple could immediately be reached for comment.

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