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Angry Birds update brings avian rage to HTC Hero

Angry Birds for Android is getting a furious update, with support for low-res screens such as the HTC Wildfire's, and a jerky version for the HTC Hero.

An update to Angry Birds for Android means HTC Heros can now join the feather-flinging fun, despite earlier claims by Rovio that the Hero can't handle the frame rate of the game.

Today's free update to the free app also supports QVGA graphics, so phones with a paltry 320x240-pixel display, such as the HTC Wildfire, can get in on the pig-pokin' robin rage.

But that's not all! There's also a new episode called 'The Big Set', in which the narrative takes a literary turn with a doomed romance between a bird and a pig. Just kidding -- you fire birds at stuff in this one too.

If you've had problems with Les Oiseaux Enrager, you'll be happy to hear there are some bug fixes in this release. Rovio says it's fixed the blank screen issue on Android 1.6 phones, and the white textures appearing on certain devices.

Angry Birds is also available for the iPhone, Palm phones and Nokias -- but BlackBerries are still being left out in the birdless cold. Why, for the love of God, why? Hath not a BlackBerry games? If you prick it, does it not bleed? Sort it out, Rovio.

We took the new Angry Birds on the HTC Hero for a spin, while wearing our Angry Birds cosplay, cradling our Angry Birds cuddly toys, and eating our Angry Birds cake. In our tests, the game required a reset right after installation, and although it was playable, the frame rate was indeed shockingly bad. Perhaps it's best to stick to throwing actual birds and real pigs for now, Hero fans.