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Angry Birds to hit consoles with multiplayer version

Rovio isn't planning an Angry Birds 2, but there will be a game from the point of view from the pigs. Plus multiplayer Angry Birds, Worms-style -- on your console.

Rovio has been dropping titbits on the future of its mobile smash hit Angry Birds, with a new multiplayer game and console versions to come.

There won't be an Angry Birds 2 -- for now -- but a version of the hit game will tell the story from the point of view of the much-maligned pigs. Angry Birds will be coming to the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, probably via download. The multiplayer version of Angry Birds is a priority and details are yet to be finalised, but it seems it'll take the Worms games as a model, according to a report from Pocket Gamer, which was following the action at the first Social Gaming Summit in London, where Rovio chief Peter Vestabacka was speaking.

We're imagining birds fighting against birds, birds fighting against pigs, pigs fighting against pigs -- your standard avian-porcine apocalypse scenario. A Worms-style selection of weapons -- we're thinking machine guns, rocket launchers, sheep, a dragon-punching bird -- would be something of a departure from the dearly loved Angry Birds gameplay, but on initial thoughts it sounds like it may have the wanton death and destruction we require on a daily basis.

As for a version of the game from the point of view of the pigs, it's about time! We have a sneaking sympathy for the porkers, as all they do is stand still while these warlike warblers wallop into them, often performing an evil chuckle. Obviously they're filthy egg stealers, but they can't help how they're made. We have no idea what this version of the game will look like -- perhaps you'll have to create fortifications to fox the flying fowl.

The increasing popularity of the pigs means Rovio is making them available as cuddly toys, to go with the cute birds already available on its website.

Any guesses on what Angry Birds from the point of view of the pigs will be like? Does playing it on a console float your boat? Does a multiplayer Angry Birds excite you? Do you want one of these gorgeous green piggies? We'd love to know.

Image credit: Rovio, Facebook