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Angry Birds out soon in full for Android, cheating Mighty Eagle for sale in-game

Android fans of the Angry Birds game will be very happy to know that the full version of the game will be coming out in less than a month, while Rovio introduces the buyable Mighty Eagle.

The full version of Angry Birds for Android will be out in less than a month, while Nokia Symbian owners will be able buy a big eagle which allows you to flatten buildings and pigs in an instant.

Android owners have already rushed to download a demo version of the game, which contains 15 levels. Angry Birds -- a smash hit on iPhone -- sees you flinging different kinds of birds using a slingshot, with the aim of taking down structures and the evil pigs that are hiding in them. Damn. Those. Pigs.

In an interview with Talk Android, Angry Birds developer Rovio revealed that the expected release date for a full version would be in two to three weeks.

A spokesperson also answered questions on why the beta was not available on particular Android handsets, such as the HTC Wildfire and Hero. "At the moment, the game does not support QVGA displays, which is what the Wildfire has. We're looking into trying to add support for QVGA devices.

"The game runs on the Hero," the spokesperson added, "but there is a significant lag. We will try to solve any issues for as many devices as possible, before releasing the full version."

At Nokia World, Rovio also announced plans for in-game purchasing for Angry Birds in the Ovi app store. According to Tech Radar, it will be available on Symbian from the release of the Nokia N8 onwards.

This means gamers can pay for a Mighty Eagle, which allows you to complete levels you can't otherwise get past. If you buy the Eagle, a sardine can replaces the bird you are supposed to fling, causing a massive bird to swoop down and wipe out everything in sight.

You can't get three stars for this bit of downright cheating, and we're not sure if this will be added to the iPhone, Palm or Android platforms. But to be honest, we think the video that Rovio has released to promote it is much more awesome.

Image credit: Digital News