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Angry Birds gets spooky Halloween makeover

Another version of Angry Birds is out, complete with a terrifying Halloween theme and 45 new levels of fun. N8 owners can join in the pig bashing too.

Dastardly game developer Rovio is trick or treating the App Store, releasing a Halloween-themed version of Angry Birds for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The spooky app can be bought for 59p and has already catapulted to the number one spot in the app charts. You launch your suicidal feathered friends against Halloween-themed backgrounds, complete with pumpkins, ghosts and costumed pigs. Damn those pigs.

Usually updates are free, but you get your money's worth with 45 new levels, three times more than a regular update. Considering the app is less than a pound we'll excuse them for charging, especially as the Android Angry Birds is still free. At the last count it has surpassed 2 million downloads on the Google platform.

Nokia N8 owners don't have to miss out on the fun either, as the Symbian 3 version of Angry Birds is now available from the Ovi store. Unfortunately you'll have to pay £1.50 for the download, considerably more than on other platforms. For your 150 pennies you'll be able to play 42 levels. If you've been desperate for Angry Birds toys, have a look at some of the plush foul on offer, thanks to TechCrunch.

Angry Birds isn't the only iPhone game to have had a dark makeover. Platform game Doodle Jump, another massively successful iOS game, has also gone all Halloween with a free update. Your doodlin' jumper turns into a mini Frankenstein's monster, while you have to defeat all sorts of ghostly ghouls and ghastly gribblies. And instead of a rocket pack to give you a boost, you're riding a witch's broom.

And last but not least, there's a new dark and evil version of Robot Unicorn Attack, one of our favourites, where you control the jumps of a speeding suicidal unicorn through a pink and purple background, with the heavenly music of Erasure ringing in your ears.

Those halcyon days are over with Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal, where you control a satanic spiky metallic unicorn thrusting his proud horn through pentagrams and a bone-strewn wasteland. And instead of Erasure's Always, you listen to a tune from German power-metal band Blind Guardian. Arguably less disturbing than the original, it's available for 59p.