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Angry Birds for Android delayed, and ruled out for HTC Hero

The Angry Birds for Android have been delayed from their pig-killing and building-bombing antics for a week, while we eagerly await slingshot toy versions.

If you're desperate to satisfy your pig-killing impulses with the full Android version of Angry Birds, prepare to calm down and wait a week longer. And sorry HTC Hero owners, you won't be indulging in any bird-bombing badinage this time round.

Makers Rovio said in a tweet that the release of the full version of Angry Birds for Android would be delayed until next week, so it could add support for multitasking. Sadly, the Finnish developers also announded that there will be no Angry Birds for the now venerable HTC Hero, due to the "frame rate being really bad".

The Android demo version of Angry Birds has been available since the beginning of last month. It's been a massive success on touchscreen devices, particularly the iPhone, with 6.5 million downloads and counting. You can download the game on the iPad too, with Nokia and Palm versions also available.

If you've never played Angry Birds, where have you been? The aim of the game is to fling birds from a slingshot and kill dastardly egg-stealing pigs. These dirty animals are protected by structures made of various materials, including wood, glass and stone. You try to knock down these buildings with your vitriolic flying vermin, which murder the oinkers when they land on them. Kill all the pigs before you run out of birds and you advance to the next level.

As you progress you have different types of birds to fling, such as your basic red birds, blue ones that separate into three smaller birds, and yellow ones that speed up and hit targets with more force. It's very, very addictive.

Rovio really hit the jackpot with Angry Birds, and is in the process of milking the game for all it's worth, with movies, TV shows, toys and comic books. As you can see from the main image, the Angry Birds toys are ready, and Rovio urged us to be patient for them to be released. If you watch the video below, you'll realise these toys are rather special:

It slingshots! Being a soft toy, however, we don't expect too much wanton destruction or pig slaughter. Shame.

Image credit: TechCrunch