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Angry Birds Christmas to be a free update, screenshots leaked

Angry Birds Christmas edition will be free if you've already downloaded the 59p Halloween update, so prepare for a sprinkling of snow on your favourite feathered friends.

In what looks like a fit of generosity worthy of Santa himself, Rovio is going to make Angry Birds Christmas available for free.

Providing you've already downloaded Angry Birds Halloween for 59p, the Christmas edition is coming in the form of an update at no extra charge. Unfortunately for Android owners, this official Rovio tweet says it's only coming to the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

According to this Finnish website (translated), which also posted game screenshots, we'll see it at the beginning of December.

11 December is the first official Angry Birds day. Clicking this link at shows you the locations where you can join fellow crazies in celebrating the game.

Angry Birds is a massive phenomenon. Even if you don't have a smart phone, it may have touched you in the form of items such as toys, Halloween costumes and comedy skits. It may even be made into a movie

If you're stuck on one annoying level -- and believe us we know that feeling -- have a look at our Angry Birds tips

Want more? This video shows you how to make Angry Birds Christmas decorations.

Image credit: Ylex.Fi