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Android teases new software name with Boaty McBoatface joke

Make it Stopy McStopface.

What will Google call its next Android mobile operating system? Certainly not Namey McNameface, but that didn't stop developers from calling it that in a preview of the new system available to software developers.

According to Android Central, just click on "Settings" and then "About phone" on that preview, and you'll see the silly monicker there.

The name is a double-layered inside joke, stuffed with the empty-calorie filling found inside so many internet jokes: self-reference.

First there was Boaty McBoatface. I'll admit I laughed for a solid 36 hours when I heard about the British polar exploration vessel that most voters on the internet wanted to call... Boaty McBoatface. Despite the voters' hardline stance against taking the whole thing seriously, Britain's National Environment Research Council announced in May they would call it the RRS Sir David Attenborough instead.

Then Google said it would have a naming contest for its newest operating system. At the time, Tech Radar pleaded with tech fans not to call it Namey McNameface. Now, Google appears to be joking (please, joking) that it would be called Namey McNameface.

I certainly appreciated the workout to my abs brought by Boaty McBoatface, but maybe, like me, you've had Enoughy McEnoughface of this whole joke. Still, Android has pulled off a sly wink to those who want to know what confection Google will name the operating system after. The current operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Perhaps we shouldn't take that too seriously, either.