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Android screams for Ice Cream Sandwich: We can do better than that

The next-but-one version of Google Android has been named Ice Cream Sandwich. We bet we can think of five names better than that.

The next version of Android is apparently called Ice Cream Sandwich, unless Googlechief Andy Rubin is having a right old laugh. The update that will follow Android 3.0 Honeycomb will share its name with a biscuity, ice-creamy treat.

TechCrunch reports a chat with Rubin, in which he let slip the name of the update that will follow hotly anticipated Honeycomb. Tablet-friendly Honeycomb is set to be version 3.0, but it's not clear what number will be attached to Ice Cream Sandwich. It should be 99, obviously.

Honeycomb will debut on the Motorola Xoom somewhen around April. Ice Cream Sandwich is likely to then be announced at Google I/O, a developer conference held in May.

Each new version of Android is named after a tasty, tasty, sweet treat: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo and Gingerbread, with Honeycomb expected soon. Hey, they're in alphabetical order! We only just got that.

That means the next update after Honeycomb has to begin with an I -- hence the rather unwieldy Ice Cream Sandwich. We can think of five better names straight off the top of our heads:

  • Iced Bun
  • Irish Coffee Cake
  • Iowa Crab Apple Pie
  • Intellectual Proper Teacakes
  • Irritable Bowl Syndrome Chocolate Mousse

Easy. We expect Jam Roly-Poly, Kendal Mint Cake, Love Heart, Mars Bar (Deep Fried) and Neapolitan Ice Cream With All The Chocolate Bit Eaten Out will follow later.

What name would you slap on the next Android update? Tell us your sweet-toothed ideas in the comments, and remember: they have to begin with an I. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to buy some Phish Food and a loaf of Hovis to make ourselves an ice-cream sandwich.