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Android phone comparison tool replaces Nexus One shop

The number of Android phones and different networks that carry them is making it confusing for shoppers, so Google has rolled out a new gallery that showcases and compares handsets.

There are so many Android phones out now it's hard to keep track, but wise old Google has just made your job easier -- with an Android phone gallery and tool where you can compare devices quickly and easily.

It replaces a page where shoppers used to be able to buy the Google Nexus One online. Now it's been discontinued, the new phone gallery lists available handsets and provides a tool to compare them and find out where you can buy them.

For the UK the tool is still quite limited, as you can so far only browse handsets from HTC and Samsung. But once Google adds more manufacturers it'll be a handy way of comparing phones, as it shows you availability for all five UK networks, with links to deals. You can filter phones by country, manufacturer and network (or 'operator', as it calls them).

The comparison tool lets you look at three different smart phones, showing how they stack up in terms of operator availability, Android OS version, connectivity, battery life, storage and memory, size and weight, camera and more.

The big G says the gallery is a showcase for phones that "deliver the best Google experience", which might conceivably exclude budget Android phones coming from the likes of Alcatel and Orange in the near future. That would be a real shame, as we're delighted to see smart phones reaching every level of the market.

We'd also like to see a way to compare Android tablets, as we'll soon be hit with a glut of them, including ones from Samsung and Dell. How else could Google make the Android gallery more useful? Let us know in the comments section below.