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Android ousts Apple as app download leader

Android app downloads have topped those on Apple's iOS platform, a rise attributed to climbing Android smart phone sales.

App downloads on Google's Android operating system have overtaken those on Apple's iOS devices, owing to an increase in the amount of Android phones people are actually buying, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

ABI Research reckons that 44 per cent of all app downloads in the second quarter of this year (that's April, May and June for anyone not fond of divvying the years of your precious time on Earth into clinically dissected quarters) came from Android devices, while iOS accounts for a mere 31 per cent.

So why the sudden leap for Android? Apparently it's down to a 36 per cent increase in shipments of Android blowers earlier in the year.

Interestingly, Android app downloads per user still lag behind iOS by two to one. That means that while more Android apps are being downloaded in total, on an individual scale Apple owners tend to be more prolific in terms of how many apps they typically download.

That makes sense to us -- we've reviewed more Android phones than we've had hot dinners, and it seems that more sprout up every day. We're also not too surprised to hear that iOS users do more downloading -- Apple's App Store is easier to use than the Android Market, and the weight of Apple's marketing campaigns mean that apps are at the front of any new iPhone owner's mind.

Which operating system do you think has the best apps? And if we checked under your shirt would we find an Apple logo tattooed over your heart, or a little Android robot? Confess your allegiance in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.