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Android nabs 61 percent of smartwatch market in 2013

A total of 2 million smartwatches were shipped last year, according to Strategy Analytics. The Galaxy Gear drove most of the platform's growth.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear
Samsung's Galaxy Gear.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Android was the top smartwatch platform in 2013, but the fledgling market means its success is of little impact right now.

Google's operating system was running on 61 percent of all smartwatches shipped last year, Strategy Analytics reported Thursday. All other operating systems garnered just 39 percent share, according to the company.

Although that might seem like an important victory for Google, further inspection reveals it's rather premature to call the company's platform the dominant force in smartwatches. Just 1.9 million smartwatches were shipped worldwide last year, according to Strategy Analytics. Out of that, 1.2 million devices were running Android.

Still, it was a victory for Android, nonetheless. And according to the research firm, it came on the back of Samsung's Galaxy Gear, which hit store shelves last year.

Looking ahead, Strategy Analytics expects the smartwatch market to expand in 2014. The company says that with Apple expected to be joining the fray this year, along with other platforms, like Tizen, the balance of power could shift.