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Android Market sees changes before Gingerbread release

Developers and customers will be seeing new features when dealing with the Android Market. Are these changes part of a Gingerbread enhancement or are they simply long-desired improvements?

Additional screenshots, YouTube videos, and change logs are part of the new Android Market.

As we draw closer to the release of Gingerbread and the rumored enhancements, Google is currently working to make adjustments to the Android Market.

Improvements started last week with the addition of a "Recent changes" feature for applications. Essentially a dedicated change log for apps and games, it provides users with the details that go into each release of an application. With 325 characters of space to work with, this is the spot where developers can mention bug fixes, support for additional languages, new options, and more.

In addition, Android developers logging in to the dashboard console this week are being greeted with a trio of new options for their applications. Looking at them as a whole, one could get the sense that Google is readying a full-on Web experience for Android customers to browse and discover new apps. With the addition of more screenshots, a required 1,024x500-pixel graphic, and an optional link to a YouTube video, it's easy to picture users getting better insight into games and applications.

I would wager to say that this could help cut down on that buyer's remorse feeling that comes a few days after you realize that puzzle game isn't so hard after all. On the flip side, it could also lead to more purchases of paid applications once potential customers get a better sense of what that productivity app is really capable of doing.