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Android M to support USB Type-C for faster charging

The new version of Android will offer a reversible plug that will charge up your device a lot quicker.

The new version of Android will support USB Type-C for quicker charging. CNET

Android phone and tablet users will be able to charge their devices up to three to five times faster courtesy of the upcoming version of Android and support for the new USB Type-C port.

At its I/O event on Thursday, Google announced support for the USB Type-C standard. That means you'll be able to plug the new type of USB cable into a new phone or tablet in any direction, sparing you from having to fiddle with it. The USB Type-C port is the latest update to the standard USB port that lets you charge and connect different devices, such as phones and PCs.

More importantly, your device will charge faster thanks to the new USB connection. And with Android M, you'll be able to use your phone to charge another device at the same time.

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New Android devices will come with the new USB Type-C port. But what about existing devices? Those are backward compatible, but you'll need a special adapter to make Type-C hosts and devices work with all of those existing devices.

Google did not reveal which new devices would come with the Type-C connector.