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Android Ice Cream Sandwich supports USB controllers

It turns out your Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset will support USB gaming controllers, meaning it'll effectively become a mini console.

Are there no limits to the talents of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Not only does it sport a huge display with pin-sharp HD resolution, it also supports USB gaming controllers thanks to its Android Ice Cream Sandwich software.

With that massive 4.65-inch screen on hand to show off games, this could be a real rival to the iPhone 4S and even PS Vita. Of course you can also use the HDMI-out and play on your TV.

Android engineer Romain Guy confirmed in a tweet that version 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, supports USB controllers, reports Recombu.

"With Android 4.0 you can use USB gamepads and HDMI to turn your Galaxy Nexus into a video games console!" he tweeted.

All you need to do is plug your handset into the TV using the HDMI, connect a USB control, and you've got yourself a games console. If that 4.65-inch screen isn't big enough, you're only limited by the size of your TV set. Fifty-inch mobile gaming, here we come.

This is just the latest in a long list of Ice Cream Sandwich's abilities. It also packs face recognition for unlocking your handset (despite potential bugs with the early software), the ability to open an app from the locked handset, and respond to unwelcome calls with a set of predetermined text messages. You can resize widgets on the home screens, as well as put apps into folders, and take screengrabs without having to root your handset, as you did previously.

Android Beam also lets you transfer files to another NFC-enabled handset by bumping the two together.

Ice Cream Sandwich debuts on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which will be available on O2 in November, though price isn't yet decided. (It is from Phones4U, but we're hoping for a cheaper offering from the networks.)

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