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Android hacked on to the iPhone: Just when we thought we'd seen everything

An iPhone jailbreaker has gone ahead and installed Android on an iPhone. Take a look at the video

In a move that could see Steve Jobs choke on his organic breakfast, some chap off the Internet has only gone and got Android working on the iPhone. iPhone jailbreaker David Wong, better known as planetbeing, shows off what he described as an alpha version of dual-booting software in a post on the Linux on the iPhone blog.

The OpeniBoot software opens the Linux kernel then starts up Google's Android operating system. It dual-boots Android and iPhone OS, so you can still switch back to the built-in Apple operating system.

planetbeing runs Android 1.6 on a first-generation Apple iPhone. The volume buttons are repurposed as Android's call and home buttons. Wong reckons a version for the iPhone 3G should be "pretty simple" but the 3GS "will take more work".

You could just get yourself an Android phone of course, such as the HTC Hero or Google Nexus One. But if you bought an iPhone in the heady days of early adoption, and the prospect of opening up your closed-off fruit phone to multitasking and Flash support gets your tech-buds tingling, source code can be downloaded via the blog post. As always with this kind of tinkering, we advise proceeding with extreme caution, especially if you don't have a massive bushy beard.

Click play on the video below to see planetbeing dual-boot Android on his iPhone, send a text and make a call, and crack some really geeky Linux jokes.