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Former HTC bigwig joins Android creator's 'stealth startup'

Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, is said to be working on a company to challenge Apple and Google for mobile dominance.

Getty Images

The man behind the Android operating system is apparently building a new company to take on Apple with, and it seems his dream team just added a new member.

Jason Mackenzie, HTC's former global executive vice president, said in a Tweet that he's joined Rubin's "stealth startup." It comes around two months after Mackenzie ended his 12-year tenure at HTC.

Rubin is working on starting a consumer hardware company called Essential, according to a January Bloomberg report. The company's flagship product will reportedly be a high-end, bezel-less phone that'll compete with Apple's iPhone and Google's Pixel brands. Many of Essential's products will integrate AI, the report said.

Niccolo de Masi, also referenced in Mackenzie's tweet, serves as Rubin's company's President and COO, according to his Twitter. He's currently executive chairman of Glu Mobile, a developer and publisher of mobile games.