Android 4.3, new Nexus to be announced next week?

Is Android 4.3 and a new Nexus coming next week? Google promises an announcement on Wednesday.

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Is Android 4.3 coming next week? Google promises an announcement on Wednesday that could be the next generation of Android, and possibly a new Nexus too.

Google has invited press to an event next Wednesday, 24 July, in San Francisco. The event will be attended by Sundar Pichai, the head of Android since former boss Andy Rubin moved to new projects.

We've been waiting for the next Android update with bated breath. Google has traditionally announced each new Android update at the annual Google I/O developer conference in May -- but this year the conference came and went with no update announced.

Although the next major update is set to be Key Lime Pie, word on the street is that the forthcoming upgrade will be a smaller one still under the banner of current generation, Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean has taken a long time to make it onto many phones, so Google probably doesn't want to announce an update that renders Jelly Bean obsolete just yet.

We're expecting the new update to be Android 4.3, already spotted running on an HTC One. Each update is showcased on Google's own bargain-tastic Nexus phones and tablets, such as the Nexus 4 blower and Google Nexus 7 slate. Recent leaks suggest that a sequel to the Nexus 7 is on the cards pretty soon, so fingers crossed.

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