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Android 4.3 leaks as Google's possible next Android update

Google has unveiled the next update to its software for mobile phones and tablets: Android 4.3.

Google has revealed new features in the next update to its software for mobile phones and tablets, complete with a new-look Google Play store, music service, and new gaming centre.

Leaked information suggests the next generation of Android is 4.3, but that's not been officially confirmed. As spotted by the Verge, a search listing on Google's developer website mentions Android 4.3, but there was no mention of the update when Google took to the stage at I/O to unveil new Android features. 

Google Play Games is a gaming hub similar to Apple's iOS Game Center, with in-game chat for trash-talking other gamers, saving and syncing games across different devices, and more.

Google Music All Access is a subscription-based music service, similar to Spotify. It launches today in the US, costing $10 per month, and will come to other countries soon. 

Another new feature is Google Hangouts, a new messaging service that ties together Google Talk, Google Plus Hangout and chat, and other messaging tools. Your chats are all lumped together into your Gmail inbox.

We were expecting Key Lime Pie, the next big update to Android. An all-singing, all-dancing update would have been nice, but the incremental change makes sense to me: we've often bemoaned the fact that updates are so slow to reach phones in the real world, it feels like Android is too far ahead of itself. 

For the latest from Google as it happens right now, check out our liveblog from the Google I/O event.

Is Google right to stick with 4.3? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Update: We've updated this article to clarify the source of the 4.3 name.