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Android 4.1 reaches Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T

AT&T subscribers can now apply a heaping of Jelly Bean to their Galaxy S3 smartphones.

AT&T subscribers with Galaxy S3 phones can grab Jelly Bean.
AT&T subscribers with Galaxy S3 phones can grab Jelly Bean.
Josh Miller/CNET

Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, is now spilling out for AT&T customers with Samsung Galaxy S3 phones.

As of today, AT&T subscribers can update their phones using Samsung's Kies software. This method requires users to download the new Android flavor onto their computers and then apply the update to their phones through a sync.

Users can update their phones by following the steps provided on AT&T's Jelly Bean upgrade page. AT&T will not offer the update over the air, so Kies is the only way to get Jelly Bean onto the S3.

Android 4.1 kicks in a host of enhancements for the S3, several of which are described in an AT&T blog.

Jelly Bean has slowly been rolling its way out to Galaxy S3 owners in the United States.

Sprint was the first U.S. carrier to deliver Android 4.1 to its S3 customers, pushing it out as an OTA update last October. T-Mobile got into the act last month, making the update available through Kies. But Verizon Wireless is still keeping its S3 owners waiting for Jelly Bean.