Android 4.1 launches for Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

The Jelly Bean version of Android is now available for AT&T subscribers who own the Samsung phone.

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Lance Whitney
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Jelly Bean has rolled out for Samsung's Galaxy S2 Skyrocket.
Jelly Bean has rolled out for Samsung's Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket owners finally have their shot at Android 4.1.

Available as of Wednesday, the Jelly Bean flavor of Android can be downloaded courtesy of AT&T.

Users can update their OS to Android 4.1.2 by following the how-to page on the carrier's Web site. The update does require Galaxy S2 Skyrocket users to download the software through Samsung's Kies and then sync it with their mobile phone.

Jelly Bean offers a number of enhancements over its predecessor, as an AT&T blog points out.

The notification screen organizes updates from the same apps together. Users can expand or collapse the screen just by swiping down or up. Android 4.1 also provides access to Google Now, which displays customizable information on news, sports, and weather.

AT&T's Jelly Bean update throws in a Locker app that lets you store your photos and other files online so you can access them from your mobile device.

Skyrocket owners also get a few exclusive features via the update.

A Smart Stay feature tracks your eye movement to make sure the screen stays active while you're viewing it. A Direct Call tool changes the text message screen to the calling screen when you raise your phone to your ear. And a Pop Up Play app lets you watch videos while you're using another app.

Finally, Skyrocket users will be able to access AT&T DriveMode, an app that sends an automated response to a call, text, or e-mail when they're in the car and driving 25 mph or faster.