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Android 13 Has Arrived on Google Pixel Phones

The update will come to other Android devices later this year.

Android 13 logo on smartphone
Android 13 is now available on Google Pixel devices.  
Sarah Tew/CNET

Android 13 is now live, with Google's latest operating system rolling out Monday to Pixel phones and devices. People with Android devices from Samsung, Asus, Motorola and others will have to wait until later this year to receive the update. 

The Pixel lineup includes phones, watches and tablets made by exclusively by Google. The company often releases its updates to its own Pixel devices first before a wider release to other manufacturers. 

Android 13 was announced in February and previewed at Google I/O in May. It adds tools for privacy and security, enhanced messaging with RCS support, spacial audio with supported headphones and better integration between Chromebooks, watches and other devices running Google's operating system. Android 13, like updates to Apple's iOS, come out in yearly clips, giving owners new features and increased reasons to upgrade their handsets. 

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Google's Material You color science has greater presence in Android 13. There are additional color palettes that Pixel owners can choose from. These color palettes are automatically generated based on the phone's chosen wallpaper. More app icons will also be able to match a chosen color palettes.

Other smaller design changes have been made to animations when going through menus to make things look smoother.