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Android 12 enters final stretch with Beta 4 release

An updated OS for Android users is almost here.

Another Android 12 beta is here.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Google unveiled the upcoming Android 12 OS release during its Google I/O developer conference back in May. It's considered the biggest design change for Android phones in years, and on Wednesday, the company said it's approaching the final phase of development with the release of its fourth beta. 

Android 12 Beta 4 is available for Android beta testers. This version, however, contains minimal changes or features from the previous betas. Instead, Google says it's now focusing on "polish, performance, and stability" as the OS has reached platform stability, which means the beta now acts the same way as the official release. 

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Some of the new features in Android 12 are app privacy capabilities, one-handed mode, redesigned notifications and face autorotate. Google has yet to provide an official release date for Android 12, but previous versions of the OS have arrived in September before the debut of the next Pixel phone, which in this case will be the upcoming Pixel 6.