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Android 10 Go makes budget phones faster, more secure

Phones will start seeing the new operating system in the fall.

Android 10 Go
Android 10 Go is coming to budget phones. 

Google released the Android 10 Go edition for budget-friendly phones on Wednesday. Not only will the mobile software help phones run faster than before, but it also adds more security, the company said. 

Android 10 Go edition is for phones with 1.5 GB of RAM or less. While it doesn't have all the features of Android 10, the new version of the light operating system is supposed to launch apps 10% faster and make switching between apps faster.   

Google also made Android 10 Go more secure using a form of encryption for these types of phones called Adiantum. In flagship phones like the iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy, there is a dedicated encryption chip that's responsible for storing data to unlock the phone and other information needed to keep the phone secure, but entry-level phones don't have that chip. With Adiantum, budget phones can be just as secure as flagship phones, Google said.

Developing it in 2017, Google made Android Go for Android Oreo and released its first version in 2018. It operates using less memory and energy than the full version of the operating system, making it ideal for entry-level phones and prepaid phones. There are also Go apps, which are light versions of Google software such as YouTube and Chrome designed for these phones. 

Phones with Android 10 Go edition will start making their way to retailers sometime this fall, Google said.

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