An orange Pixel 4, confirmed

A Times Square billboard is teasing the Oct. 15 release.

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Redditor LousyTX snapped confirmation of Google's rumored new hue. 


Rumors of an orange Pixel 4 were confirmed Tuesday when Google took out a massive billboard ad in Times Square to promote the phone's Oct. 15 release. Captured by a Reddit user, the photo is the latest in an ongoing stream of leaks about the new phone's hardware. But it's still unclear whether the color will be available for both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. 

The Oct. 15 event will be livestreamed and will mark the first Pixel rollout since Google confirmed a change at the top of the Pixel team in August. 

Following on the heels of Apple's and Samsung's respective iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note 10 series launches, Google is unveiling the Pixel 4 to a wary market where phone shipments are continually declining. Despite critical acclaim, sales of Google's Pixel series have been sluggish, prompting the search giant to roll out the less costly Pixel 3A in May.

Earlier this year, Google CFO Ruth Porat said on an earnings call that Pixel sales had dropped because of "recent pressures in the premium smartphone market." 

The first official pictures of the Pixel 4 emerged in mid-June, when Google tweeted the phone and confirmed rumors of two rear-facing cameras on the XL. The phone is also expected to have one front-facing camera, a 90Hz display, improved dial-SIM capabilities and an Android 10 operating system. 

Other rumored hardware features include a notch, and two speaker grills on the edge on either side of the USB-C port. Volume and power buttons are expected to be on the right-hand side, while the left side will reportedly lack buttons. No fingerprint scanner is expected.

The news about the Times Square billboard was reported earlier by 9to5Google.

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