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Amtrak is next to ban the Galaxy Note 7

Amtrak announces that Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is prohibited from traveling onboard its trains.

Amtrak engine
An Amtrak engine prepares to go into service.
Amanda Kooser/CNET

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has one more transportation agency against it. Amtrak announced on Twitter that it is prohibiting passengers from bringing the beleaguered smartphone onto its trains, joining the FAA in banning the device from planes.

An Amtrak spokesperson told CNET this:

"The safety of our passengers and employees is paramount. Effective immediately, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones are not permitted on Amtrak property due to potential serious safety risks. This ban includes Amtrak trains, Thruway buses, facilities, stations, platforms, Amtrak vehicles, and as an item carried within a vehicle on Auto Train."


Don't try to take the Note 7 on planes and trains.

Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

After a painful and seemingly endless recall saga, transportation organizations and the public are treating the fire-prone Note 7 like a ticking time bomb. A depiction of the Note 7 has become the butt of jokes. President Obama made fun of the phone, Grand Theft Auto added a mod where you can use the phone as a bomb, there are even stickers that make your iPhone look like an exploded Note 7.

Samsung urges Note 7 owners to turn in and exchange their phones for another model -- there may be over a million people still using their Note phone. In light of the airline ban, Samsung has begun opening airport booths that will exchange your Note 7 before you fly. It isn't clear if Amtrak stations will receive similar treatment.

CNET also urges you to return the Note 7, and if you still haven't, here's how.