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Amazon's Personal Shopper service hopes to unravel the competition

Prime Wardrobe puts Stitch Fix on notice.

Shelby Brown Editor II
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Shelby Brown
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amazon wardrobe

Amazon wants to make sure you're stylish. 


Amazon Prime is trying its hand at fashion again with the launch Wednesday of Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe in the iOS and Android app. The women's styling service sends users handpicked items and accessories based on their style profile. Amazon says it hopes to expand to menswear soon. Personal Shopper is available only to US Amazon Prime users, but it works if you have a 30-day trial membership, the student Prime membership or the six-month trial membership.

Stylists base brand and item selections on your style, fit and budget, according to Amazon's Prime Wardrobe page. Customers get to preview their personalized picks and then select up to eight items which they want to ship. You'll get a week at-home try-on period and resealable packaging for free returns. 

Personal Shopper costs $4.99 per month (plus your Prime subscription). Sizes include 0–24 and XS–XXL/3X, as well as women's shoes in sizes 5-12.


The Echo Look was one of Amazon's previous forays into fashion. The $200 niche version of the Echo smart speaker was available for a limited time and by invitation only. The device could help you catalog and keep track of your wardrobe. In addition, the app could give you fashion advice to help you choose between outfits. 

The Personal Shopper styling service puts Amazon in competition with subscription boxes like Stitch Fix, Dia & Co., Rachel Zoe, Fabletics and more. 

Originally published July 31 at 10:42 a.m. PT.
Update, 11:50 a.m.: Adds info on the Echo Look.
Correction, 1:07 p.m. PT: Fixes the preview and selection process prior to the shipment and specifies subscription price. 

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