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Amazon teases unannounced Kindles during NFL game

A rare one-minute primetime TV ad airing late in the NFL season opener shows off a pair of devices that may be the long-expected and much-rumored new Kindles.

Is this the rumored Kindle Paperwhite?
Screenshot by Steven Musil/CNET

While you were dutifully watching coverage of the Democratic National Convention tonight, you missed what may have been a preview of devices Amazon is expected to unveil tomorrow.

Over on NBC, football fans watching the NFL season kickoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants were treated to rare minute-long Amazon commercial (see video below) that showed off a pair of devices that may be the long-expected and much-rumored new Kindles.

The devices appear to jibe with descriptions represented in earlier reports of the Kindles widely expected to be unveiled tomorrow at a press event in Santa Monica, Calif., including a touch-screen device with a black finish that resembles the "Kindle Paperwhite."

Amazon has been pretty tight-lipped over what will be discussed tomorrow, but several leaks point to a range of new Kindle devices. CNET reported last week that Amazon will debut two 7-inch Kindle Fires at the event, including a high-end model with a zippy processor, a camera, physical volume controls, an HDMI port, and larger storage than a second, more bare-bones version.

The press conference begins tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. PT. We'll be kicking off our coverage a bit earlier (around 10 a.m. PT). Join us from the Barker Hangar -- yep, the company has rented a hangar -- as we cover the event live.

In the meantime, enjoy the rather nonofficial version of an intriguing and well-produced commercial.