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Amazon Prime Day 2018 will bring big sales on July 16, according to leak

The news came from Amazon's own banner ad!

Amazon Prime Day is a big day of sales for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon's day (and a half) of deals may be less than a month away. According to a new leak, Amazon Prime Day starts July 16.

The date was shown in a reportedly leaked Prime Day promo banner on Amazon's UK site, and spotted by TechRadar. It seems like the banner was taken down sometime after.

The leaked banner says that Prime Day 2018 will start at noon July 16 and last a day and a half. Citing the banner, TechRadar says that Prime Day will last 36 hours, making it the longest Prime Day yet. But the official start and end times of Prime Day 2018 have yet to be released.

Prime Day is much like Amazon's version of Black Friday or Cyber Monday for Amazon Prime members. In Prime Days past, we've seen discounts on phones, tablets, e-readers, smart speakers, TVs and more.

For a quick recap, you can check out CNET's guide on everything you need to know about Prime Day.

Amazon told CNET that it doesn't have any additional details to share about Prime Day 2018, but it did confirm that it's happening.

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