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Amazon and Cricket Wireless team up to switch phones faster

A $10 bundle sold on Amazon will activate an unlocked GSM phone on AT&T's prepaid brand.

Cricket's new kit works with any unlocked GSM phone. Cricket

Cricket Wireless is making it even easier for prospective customers to come over to its network -- and no, this one's no April Fools' joke.

Wednesday sees the AT&T prepaid brand announcing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Universal SIM Card Activation Kit that turns any unlocked GSM phone into a phone riding Cricket's prepaid network.

Sold through, the $10 bundle includes a nano-SIM card with micro- and mini- adapters. You put this into the phone to activate a new line or port an existing phone number to Cricket's service. (You still have to pay a monthly service fee, of course.)

Say you have an old phone you want to use, or you buy an unlocked phone that's typically sold overseas. This fast-track option would get that phone connected to Cricket quickly and easily.

According to Cricket, this marks the first step toward a larger working relationship with Amazon, which could sell more Cricket devices and accessories through its electronic storefront.

Cricket service plans start at $40 per month, but customers can save $5 per month if they sign up for the auto-pay option.